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Device Technology

Integration of Wi.Tec sensor technology gas sensor modules in gas analyzers.

Analyze simultaneously up to 4 different gases plus pressure and humidity.

In order to be able to adapt gas analyses to individual measuring tasks as flexibly as possible, the individual components have been designed in a modular fashion. This allows the photometric components such as detector, emitter, measuring cuvette, etc. to be assembled by RITTER Apparatebau GmbH & Co KG according to the customer’s specific requirements and order and mounted in a high-quality table-top housing.

Furthermore, this modularity makes the exchange of individual components and maintenance much easier in case of service. In contrast, conventional, fully bonded gas sensors can only be replaced as a complete unit, which generates high follow-up costs in the event of servicing (total cost of ownership).

Optionally, the modules can also be equipped with one sensor each for pressure, oxygen and humidity.