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Distribution contract with SIGAS

Professor Wiegleb signed the Distribution Agreement with the CEO OF SIGAS Ms. CHEN and the Sales Manager Mr. Leo Li at the end of FEBRUARY 2019, on the occasion of his visit to SIGAS in Changshu.

Wi.Tec-sensing GmbH has already established itself firmly in Asia after a short period of time. In China and the neighbouring countries in particular, Wi.Tec products are increasingly in demand. Since the end of 2018, there has therefore been a cooperation with the SIGAS Group.


SIGAS Group is one of the leading companies in the field of Gas Measurement Technology in China. In addition to its headquarters in Changshu, there is a subsidiary in Nanjing and a sales office in Beijing.

With this cooperation, Wi.Tec wants to further expand its presence in Asia in order to improve the support of existing and future customers. The proximity to the customer and the processing of joint projects and applications are the focus of this cooperation.

In 2019, Wi.Tec, together with the SIGAS Group, will participate in 7 Asian Trade fairs and Congresses.