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IR System Co., Ltd is new distribution partner for Wi.Tec Sensorik in Japan

Wi.Tec Sensorik is pleased to announce the signing of a new distribution agreement with IR System Co., Ltd. as its official distribution partner in Japan. The partnership was sealed on the first day of the Sensor+Test trade fair in Nuremberg, where Sebastian Wiegleb (CEO of Wi.Tec Sensorik) and Shinya Yanase (Executive Vice President or IR Systems) ceremoniously signed the contract. With IR System Co, Ltd, a renowned supplier of sensor technologies in Japan, Wi.Tec Sensorik significantly strengthens its presence and distribution in the Asian market.

Through this co-operation, Wi.Tec Sensorik will now be able to distribute its innovative gas sensors and gas detection systems through IR System Co, Ltd. in Japan. This partnership will enable Wi.Tec Sensorik to meet the growing demand for highly accurate and reliable gas sensor technology in Japan while improving local customer service. For more information about our new distribution partner, please visit their website: IR System Co, Ltd.