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Wi.Tec SensorikO2.sens D now available in digital version

The new digital oxygen sensor O2.sens D from Wi.Tec-Sensorik GmbH offers significant improvements over the previous analogue version.

The sensor signal is processed in the measuring range 0-100 vol.% O2 with an effective resolution of 15Bit. Data transmission is via an I2C bus. This ensures a highly accurate measurement of the oxygen concentration.

The detection limit is 0.003 vol.%. This means that even the smallest changes in O2 can be detected. Furthermore, the sensor can be read out as usual via the evaluation electronics and adjusted in zero and end point.

Optionally, it is possible to calculate the O2 sensor signal with the p.sens (pressure sensor). This gives the user a pressure-compensated oxygen value. The O2.sens D can be combined with all known Wi.Tec modules. The average service life is >5 years.

The sensor is supplied with the proven flow block (aluminum) and 2 hose connections (6/4mm).