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Gas analysis with the method of selective radiation absorption in the UV and IR range (NDUV / NDIR) is an established method for concentration determination in complex gas mixtures. The BINOS NG Gas Analyzer uses state-of-the-art optical components to achieve optimal analysis results. This results in high-resolution gas analyses that can reliably detect concentration changes in the ppb range.

Wi.Tec has rediscovered the BINOS and builds on the philosophy of this successful generation of instruments.

Up to two OEM modules can therefore be installed in the following combinations:

1x INFRA.sens + 1x ULTRA.sens
2x INFRA.sens
2x ULTRA.sens
Up to 3 physical measuring channels can be implemented per module, so that a total of 6 gases or measuring ranges can be simultaneously detected and analyzed in the Binos NG.

The BINOS NG can be equipped with individual filters and sampling pumps.

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