Gas analysis, based on the selective absorption of UV and IR radiation, is an established method for the determination of concentrations in complex gas mixtures. The BINOS gas analyzer module uses state-of-the-art optical components to achieve an optimal analysis result. As radiation sources, we use special AlGaN LEDs, which guarantee a constant radiation emission. This results in high-resolution gas analyzes that can reliably detect changes in concentration in the ppb range.

Wi.Tec has rediscovered the BINOS and builds on the philosophy of this successful device generation. Overall, therefore, up to two modules can be used in the following combinations:

  • 1x INFRA.sens + 1x ULTRA.sens
  • 2x INFRA.sens
  • 2x ULTRA.sens

In each case two physical measuring ranges can be realized per module, making a total of 4 measuring ranges possible.