Die Wi.Tec Sensorik GmbH The Gas Measurement Company

About Wi.Tec Sensorik

Wi.Tec-Sensorik GmbH was founded in 2014 and has extensive specialist knowledge in the field of gas measurement and signal processing. We develop and manufacture high-quality gas measurement systems for use in analysis equipment and process engineering.

The measurement of gas concentration in binary or complex gas mixtures is one of our core competences. Whenever it comes to exploring the physical limits of gas detection technology, we feel addressed.

We start where others stop

The technological basis for these tasks is absorption photometry. In a spectral range from 214 nm (UV) to 12 μm (IR) we can detect almost all important gases. Talk to us if you want to improve your products and applications with this new technology.

Your metrological task / Our challenge

Our employees have extensive expertise in the field of industrial gas detection and sensor signal processing. We can build on in-depth expertise that has been accumulated for nearly 40 years in a variety of applications.


We cultivate a trusting and cooperative relationship with our clients, which results in innovative solutions that create a competitive advantage for both parties. We invite you to test us.

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