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OEM Products

OEM Products

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General Information on INFRA.sens®

The INFRA.sens®  was specially developed for high-quality NDIR gas analysis. In the design phase, special emphasis was placed on high stability and a low detection limit. With the use of high-performance light emitting diodes (IR-LED) and thermal micro radiators, which were adapted to the needs of gas measurement technology, these goals were achieved in full. In the spectral range from 2 μm to 12 μm, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrous oxide can be reliably detected up to the ppm range with this new sensor platform.

Overview of INFRA.sens® OEM Modules


General Information on ULTRA.sens®

The ULTRA.sens®  is the world’s first OEM gas measurement module based on miniaturized UV LEDs. The stability and lifetime of these UV-LEDs enables high-precision gas analyses down to the ppb range. By using two UV-LEDs 2 gases can be detected simultaneously. With this approach, 2 measuring ranges from ppm to Vol.-% can also be realized.

In the spectral range from 200 nm to 500 nm, nitrogen oxides (NO+NO2), aromatic hydrocarbons, hydrogen sulphide, ozone, sulphur dioxide and chlorine can be reliably detected with this novel sensor platform.

Overview of ULTRA.sens® OEM Modules

ULTRA.sens® processline

ULTRA.sens® processline
ULTRA.sens® processline AK25 & ULTRA.sens® processline AK200 & ULTRA.sens® processline NOx / SO2-AK50 TBH piped

NDUV sensor technology now ready for corrosive gases

In many areas of process engineering, reactive gases are used as starting products in chemical processes. These gases often are corrosive, so that only certain materials can be used. In process measurement technology, these gases are usually detected with special photometers that are located locally outside the process. The process gas therefore comes in contact with all materials on its way from the process to the sample cell. Both the design of the gas paths and that of the sample cell must therefore be adapted to these requirements.


  • Process Gas Analysis
  • Petrochemical
  • Electrolysis
  • Sterilization Process
  • Process Engineering

Features & Benefits

  • Gas-tight connection technology
  • Different materials available
  • Long term stability
  • Fast reponse time
  • Customized version available
  • Tube Diameter 6mm
  • Modules ready for piping


Allgemeine Informationen zum KOMBI.sens®

KOMBI.sens® ist eine Kombination von ULTRA.sens® und INFRA.sens® mit einer gemeinsamen Basiselektronik. Mit dieser Einheit können bis zu 3 Gaskomponenten gleichzeitig gemessen werden. Die Basiselektronik kann IR- und UV-Strahlungsquellen simultan versorgen. Dieses System ist eine ideale Plattform für die Detektion von Gas mit mehreren Komponenten bei unterschiedlichen Konzentrationsbereichen (Vol.% und ppm)

Das KOMBI.sens® OEM Modul


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