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General Information on INFRA.sens®

The INFRA.sens® was specially developed for high-quality NDIR gas analysis. In the design phase, special emphasis was placed on high stability and a low detection limit. With the use of high-performance light emitting diodes (IR-LED) and thermal micro radiators, which were adapted to the needs of gas measurement technology, these goals were achieved in full. In the spectral range from 2 μm to 12 μm, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrous oxide can be reliably detected up to the ppm range with this new sensor platform.

Overview of INFRA.sens® OEM Modules

INFRA.sens® H2O-AK250GC TBH V5 piped


  • Low detection limit CO without CO2 interference
  • Temperature controlled at 50°C
  • Low drift
  • Pressure compensated
  • Different interfaces (RS232, CANbus,Analog
  • MARS-Tool (Datalogger and Controlsoftware)
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