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ULTRA.sens® processline

ULTRA.sens® processline
ULTRA.sens® processline AK25 & ULTRA.sens® processline AK200 & ULTRA.sens® processline NOx / SO2-AK50 TBH piped

NDUV sensor technology now ready for corrosive gases

In many areas of process engineering, reactive gases are used as starting products in chemical processes. These gases often are corrosive, so that only certain materials can be used. In process measurement technology, these gases are usually detected with special photometers that are located locally outside the process. The process gas therefore comes in contact with all materials on its way from the process to the sample cell. Both the design of the gas paths and that of the sample cell must therefore be adapted to these requirements.


  • Process Gas Analysis
  • Petrochemical
  • Electrolysis
  • Sterilization Process
  • Process Engineering

Features & Benefits

  • Gas-tight connection technology
  • Different materials available
  • Long term stability
  • Fast reponse time
  • Customized version available
  • Tube Diameter 6mm
  • Modules ready for piping