High-Precision Modular Gas Measurement Technology Configurable & combinable OEM sensors

Welcome to Wi.Tec Sensorik!

As a specialized company in the field of photometric gas measurement technology, we offer you innovative OEM solutions for use in environmental and process measurement technology. The ULTRA.sens® and INFRA.sems® product ranges cover the entire spectral range available for gas analysis. Depending on the measurement task, we will therefore select the optimum spectral range for your measurement task. In addition to the existing standard products, we can offer customized solutions that are tailor-made and tailored to your application.



Latest News

  • Wi.Tec @ CEM Europe 2020

    21. November 2019

    CEM Europe is a biennial exhibition and conference on monitoring emissions to air that takes place at changing locations. In the exhibition part of the event, more than 50 manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for recording and monitoring pollutant emissions will demonstrate their products, technologies, methods and areas of application and provide advice to visitors. Wi.Tec will present its complete

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  • Strategic Partnership

    21. August 2019

    Wi.Tec-Sensorik GmbH has been on the market for 5 years and has established itself as a reliable and innovative  OEM supplier in various applications. As part of the further development of our company, we have entered into a strategic partnership with M&C Techgroup Gentics GmbH in Ratingen this month (https://www.mc-techgroup.com/).

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  • Distribution contract with SIGAS

    11. March 2019

    Professor Wiegleb unterschrieb Ende Februar 2019, anlässlich seines Besuches bei  der Firma SIGAS in Changshu, den Vertriebsvertrag zusammen mit der Geschäftsführerin von SIGAS Frau Chen und dem Vertriebsleiter Herrn Leo Li.

    Die Wi.Tec-Sensorik GmbH hat sich bereits nach kurzer Zeit in Asien fest etabliert. Insbesondere in China und den angrenzenden Staaten werden die Wi.Tec Produkte verstärkt nachgefragt. Seit Ende 2018 gibt es daher eine Kooperation mit der SIGAS Group.

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Signal processing and electronics

For the evaluation of the sensor signals and control of the different radiation sources, we use the most modern microprocessor technology. It is also important to be able to offer different data communications (RS 232, USB, CAN open, …) with which our sensor data are read out.

In order to be able to react quickly and reliably to changing customer requirements, we use our own circuit board assembly. Therefore, we are able to offer customer-specific sensor circuits from a batch size of 1 lot.