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High-precision modular gas measurement technology

Configurable & combinable OEM sensors

Gas sensors and innovative gas measurement systems from Wi.Tec-Sensorik

As a specialized company in the field of photometric gas measurement technology, we offer you innovative OEM solutions for use in environmental and process measurement technology. The ULTRA.sens® and INFRA.sens® product ranges cover the entire spectral range available for gas analysis. Depending on the measurement task, we will therefore select the optimum spectral range for your measurement task. In addition to the existing standard products, we can offer customized solutions that are tailor-made and tailored to your application.

In addition to our highly developed standard products, we also offer the development of customer-specific solutions for gas measurement systems. This can be done by specifically modifying our ULTRA.sens® and INFRA.sens® product lines. Alternatively, if default modifications are not possible, a team of experienced specialists from a wide range of technology areas are available to develop and implement optimized solutions based on your specifications.