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Biogas Batch Fermentation System

Together with the company Dr.-Ing. Ritter Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG from Bochum (https://www.ritter.de), Wi.Tec-Sensorik GmbH has developed a new type of biogas batch fermentation system that can be used to operate up to 18 different fermentation vessels. The fermentation vessels are regulated to the desired temperature (e.g. 37°C) in an air thermostat. Each individual fermentation vessel is equipped with a separate flow measurement (MilliGascounter) and a high-precision gas analyser to record the CO2 and CH4 concentrations. The parallel measurement eliminates time shifts, such as those that inevitably occur when switching between individual fermentation vessels. Furthermore, continuous measurement results are obtained, which contribute to a more precise analysis of the fermentation process. This measurement option was made possible by using the proven INFRA.sens technology.

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Read the full article at https://www.envirotech-online.com/article/air-monitoring/6/witec-gmbh/biogas-batch-fermentation-system-for-laboratory-use-with-automatic-gas-analysis-in-real-time/3414