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Nitrogen dioxide is a reddish-brown, toxic, pungent chlorine-like smelling gas. The gas belongs to the group of nitrogen oxides and can be easily liquefied to N2O4 (dinitrogen tetraoxide) by increasing the pressure or cooling with dimerization. Nitrogen dioxide is used for the production of nitric acid. In trace amounts, nitrogen dioxide is formed from oxygen and nitrogen as the two main components of the atmosphere, both in natural processes such as lightning strikes and in technical combustion processes, e.g. in internal combustion engines. Associated Products
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Nitrogen monoxide NO is a colorless and odorless gas. It is formed during combustion processes of natural gas, crude oil and coal. In the ambient air, it reacts very quickly to form NO2, which is why the total value NOx is often given. Medically, nitric oxide has a dilating effect on blood vessels and is used for therapeutic purposes. It is approved as a drug and is added to the air we breathe up to a concentration of 20ppm. Associated Products
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ULS NOxSO2 AK100 TBH scaled


  • Gleichzeitige NOx- und SO2-Analyse
  • Temperaturgeregelt auf 50°C
  • Schnelle Reaktionszeit
  • Kein Einfluss der Gasfeuchte
  • Kein NOx Konverter erforderlich
General information on the ULTRA.sens® / UVRAS An EDL (electrodeless gas discharge lamp) is used to detect NO and H2S. A combination of both technologies (UVRAS & UVLEDs) allows a simultaneous gas analysis of NO, NO2 and SO2 in the lower ppm range, which is particularly important in flue gas analysis (CEM)2. In the EDL, N2 and O2 are converted to NO and generate selective UV radiation. With this radiation, a cross-sensitivity-free NO measurement is made possible. This method is called UV resonance spectroscopy (UVRAS).
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