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Gas measurements are a complex matter. For your inquiry, please use our super simple application questionnaire or send us an informal email to get in touch with us quickly.

Gas Tag SO2

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Customer Specific Projects

Customer Specific Projects

  • You have a measurement task that goes beyond the usual standards and are looking for a competent partner?
  • Please contact us. Your measurement task is our challenge!
  • The employees of Wi.Tec-Sensorik GmbH have extensive expertise in the field of industrial gas measurement technology and sensor signal processing.
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Elemental Analysis

Elemental Analysis

  • Area saving solution for 2 gases with best technology selection (NDUV & NDIR)
  • Data rate of 100ms possible
  • Correction algorithm for SO2 to CO2 and vice versa
  • Long lifetime of radiation source
  • SO2 measurement possible with NDIR as well as NDUV
ULTRA.sens® AK100 // INFRA.sens® AK250G compact  High precision leads to higher quality  In chemistry, the term quantitative elemental analysis is used to describe the quantitative determination of the elements carbon …
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