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  • Multi-Analyse-Research-Software
  • PC-Auswertesoftware
  • Messdatenaufzeichnung
  • Kalibrierung / Justage
  • Sichern und Laden der Sensorparameter
With MARS* Tool software for performance analysis of Wi.Tec modules  *MULTI-ANALYSE-RESEARCH-SOFTWARE It is used by many customers for the initial operation to be convinced of the output of the modules, before the protocols, be it CAN bus, CAN open or ASCII via RS232, are entered into the higher-level systems. Especially for laboratory applications and in the research and development sector, this simple tool is used for data analysis.  Beyond that it is our heart in the manufacturing, each module is calibrated over the software. Thus the MARS Tool is over the years expanded and improved.  With the current mars tool…
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