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Gas measurements are a complex matter. For your inquiry, please use our super simple application questionnaire or send us an informal email to get in touch with us quickly.


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Overview Gases

Gases, measurable with INFRA.sens® CO2 – Carbon dioxide CO – Carbon monoxide N2O – Nitrous oxide CnHm – Hydrocarbons CH4 – Methane C2H6 – Ethane C3H8 – Propane C4H10 – …
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Übersicht Zubehör Accessory, OEM Product MARS Tool Read MoreMARS Tool Accessory, OEM Product FKM hose DN4/06  Read MoreFKM hose DN4/06  Accessory, OEM Product Inline Filter  Read MoreInline Filter  Accessory, OEM …
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Overview Options OEM Product, Option P.sens (Pressure sensor) Read MoreP.sens (Pressure sensor) Gas Sensor, OEM Product, Option O2.sens (Oxygen sensor) Read MoreO2.sens (Oxygen sensor) New Gas Sensor, OEM Product, Option HUMI.sens (Humidity …
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