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Gas Sensor, Overview INFRA.sens® General Information on INFRA.sens® The INFRA.sens®  was specially developed for high-quality NDIR gas analysis. In the design phase, special emphasis was placed on high stability and a …
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Gases, measurable with INFRA.sens® CO2 – Carbon dioxide CO – Carbon monoxide N2O – Nitrous oxide CnHm – Hydrocarbons CH4 – Methane C2H6 – Ethane C3H8 – Propane C4H10 – …
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Overview Accessories Accessory, OEM Product For all Wi.Tec gas sensors »MARS light« Read More»MARS light« Accessory, OEM Product FKM hose DN4/06  Read MoreFKM hose DN4/06  OEM Accessory, OEM Product Inline …
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Overview Options OEM Product, Option AZF-Modul VP (Auto Zero Function)  Read MoreAZF-Modul VP OEM OEM Product, Option P.sens (Pressure sensor) Read MoreP.sens INFRA.sens, OEM, Pressure Sensor, ULTRA.sens Gas Sensor, OEM …
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