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Gas Sensors Overview

Table of Contents

Modular sensor design

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In order to be able to adapt gas analyses as flexibly as possible to individual measurement tasks, the individual components designed modularly. This resulted in a »modular system« in which the various photometric components such as detectors, emitters, measuring sample cell, etc. can be exchanged. Aluminium with bright gold coating and passivated stainless steel is used as the standard sample cell material. PEEK (polyetheretherketone) is also available for special applications.

With this sophisticated sensor design, customer-specific applications can also be realized without the need for a completely new development. The modularity makes replacement and maintenance considerably easier when servicing is required. Completely bonded gas sensors, on the other hand, can only be replaced as a complete unit and thus generate high follow-up costs (total cost of ownership) in case of maintenance.

Optionally, the different gas measurement modules can also be equipped with a pressure measurement (P.sens) oxygen measurement (O2.sens) or a humidity measurement (HUMI.sens).

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List of measurement ranges

Measurement range * CO2 CO N2O CH4 CnHm CF4 SF6 H2O O3 CL2 H2S SO2 NO2 NO
100 Vol.-% Measurement ranges on request
50 Vol.-%
30 Vol.-%
20 Vol.-%
10 Vol.-%
5 Vol.-%
1 Vol.-%
5.000 ppm
2.000 ppm
1.000 ppm
500 ppm
300 ppm
100 ppm
50 ppm
10 ppm
1 ppm
* Full scale value (F.S.)

Sensor Configurations

Analyze up to 4 different gases with one module

Arrangement Sensor 1 (*) Sensor 2 (*) Sensor 3 (*) Options / Addiotional sensors (**)
Single Gas Module 1.1 O2 P H
1.2 O2 P H
Dual Gas Module 2.1 O2 P H
2.2 O2 P H
2.3 O2 P H
Triple Gas Module 3.1 O2 P H
3.2 O2 P H
3.3 O2 P H
(*) Only one gas selectable per sensor
(**) P = pressure, H = humidity