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The new »MARS light« software is the »Plug and Measure« solution for all NDIR/NDUV modules by Wi.Tec


Discover »MARS light« – your key to fast and intuitive commissioning of our state-of-the-art measurement technology. Experience the performance of our products and be impressed by their precision! »MARS light« is designed so that it can be operated effectively in different instances, regardless of the type of sensor. The choice is yours: control the communication either via a serial interface (RS-232) or via a CAN bus (RS-485). This makes »MARS light« the perfect choice for specialised laboratory applications and for use in research and development where simple and effective data recording is required.

In addition, »MARS light« offers the option of displaying measured values graphically, which considerably simplifies data analysis and visualisation and directly illustrates the results. The current version of »MARS light« is characterised by a particularly user-friendly interface and maximum flexibility. These features enable us to help our customers quickly and effectively when problems arise. In addition, the integrated sensor backup solution allows the secure export and import of all sensor parameters and calibration data. Rely on »MARS light« to master your requirements with reliability and technological excellence.

DataPanelView 2
Calibration CH1 Tab

The new »MARS Light« therefore includes the following functions

  • Measurement data recording in a *.csv file
  • Preview diagram for quick evaluation
  • Zero point and end point calibration
  • Sensor parameter import/export via *.xml file
  • RS232/CAN bus communication
  • Readout of the connected sensor configuration
  • Diagnostic options