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Gasmesstechnik in Theorie und Praxis

In April 2016 the new book by Prof. Wiegleb was published. The various methods of gas measurement technology and their fields of application are comprehensively described on more than 1300 pages. The book is published by Springer-Verlag and can be…

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uv spectrum


The UV-Photometry is based on the absorption of radiation in the spectral range between 200nm and 400nm. In this area, some important technical gases have a pronounced absorption band. The advantage of this type of gas analysis is that the…

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Within the infrared spectral range between 2 µm to 12 µm or 14 µm the IR photometry can detect different gases. This spectral range is much larger than the UV range, so that many more gases can be measured there.…

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Oxygen Sensor

The O2sens from Wi.Tec is based on an electrochemical process. In this process, a chemical reaction takes place with the oxygen to be measured and a liquid electrolyte. In this reaction, 4 electrons are released per oxygen molecule. The resulting…

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Humidity Sensor

The HUMI.sens® is based on a capacitive humidity sensor. This sensor consists of a hygroscopic polymer material in which the water vapor from the measurement gas is stored. This incorporation changes the dielectric properties of the polymer material. The polymer…

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