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The well-known Wi.Tec modules (INFRA.sens®, ULTRA.sens® and KOMBI.sens) are controlled and evaluated via measuring electronics (base board). An RS232 and a CAN bus interface are available as standard. In order to be able to further expand the areas of application of our gas sensors, an additional MODBUS interface has been developed. The interface is located on a circuit board (32x85mm) which is connected to the base board. Existing products with the base board V1.9.1 can thus be converted to MODBUS communication in just a few steps. If required, the terminating resistor can be activated on the PCB (jumper) or by software.

  • MODBUS RTU 2-wire
  • 2x RJ45 for daisy-chain connection
  • Baud rate of 115.2kBaud
  • Important parameters such as concentration values, span and zero point are available (further parameters on request)
  • RS232 service interface available via D-SUB 9